Scania Growth Capital – A hybrid venture capital fund powered by Scania and managed by East Hill Equity

Scania Growth Capital is a venture capital-partnership between Scania, the world-leading provider of sustainable transport solutions, and East Hill Equity. East Hill Equity is the management company to the Scania Growth Capital funds.


Scania Growth Capital is a hybrid venture capital fund combining strategic and financial experience in a best-of-both-worlds offering to entrepreneurs:
– an experienced and agile venture capital firm with a financial focus and – capital, muscles and reach of a segment leader that can provide support regarding technology, market and global network.


Scania Growth Capital invests in exceptional founders and companies in the tech-enabled B2B space with an ambition to be become market leaders.


Scania Growth Capital was founded in 2016 and has since then been an active investor in the B2B venture space. Investments can be done from seed stage and onwards, as lead investor or in syndication with other value-adding investors. The investment mandate is global with a geographic focus on Europe.

What we are looking for


Minority investments in capable and growth-oriented founders and management teams


Innovative products, services and market positions within the tech-enabled B2B segment – e.g. mobility, autonomous driving, electrification, IoT, etc. – that can scale efficiently


Commercial proof of traction, i.e. recurring revenue from satisfied customers

Who we are

Unique partnership with Scania – claiming to be best-of-both worlds is bold but this is our clear ambition. You get an open door to the enormous network and know-how of Scania, always on commercial terms. At the same time, you will collaborate with a small and agile investment team that is in it for the long run.


Experienced start-up – We are a start-up just like you. Prior to East Hill, we were able to gain relevant investor related experience in different settings and both in downturns and sunny days. This had given us the confidence to act fast, just like you


We love what we do and are proud of our founders – We love to support founders on their journey in building new stars on the start-up heaven. We understand that the relationship with our founders is our key asset, this is why we believe in mutual trust rather than non-value-adding control. We care for an open dialog and are proud when we are the first to hear about any disappointments. Shit happens, let us learn from it and quickly move on


We can invest early and then hold on – We can invest from seed and can follow our companies during their growth. We believe that this is key. Having recently pro-longed our partnership with Scania with a second fund, we can hold on for long


We loved B2B before most others did – We focus on an industry we know well and where we can contribute. At times it can become very technical but bear with us, we will find someone in the network who understands.


You only live once – Or at least we cannot rely on a second chance. You are the captain on the ship and we expect you to lead the way, but we will do our best to actively support you on the journey! This will include some challenging questions and straight comments, as we might not get a second chance


This is of course our view, if you are interested to hear what our portfolio companies think we are more than happy to connect them with you!

How we work

We are flexible and fair in our investment approach, other investors might raise complex and founder-unfriendly demands, we do not!


We create a joint shareholders’ agenda for our joint future, everything might change but we have the same understanding of the starting point


As the future is uncertain and complex, it is a challenge to plan all details, we believe therefor that it is better to be roughly right than exactly wrong