Ulf Järvenäs


Ulf is a seasoned CFO in the venture capital business with experience from both private and state-financed funds and has been active in the venture capital space for 20 years plus.

Ulf has extensive experience of supporting portfolio companies, feedback to fund-investors regarding development of the portfolio and financial matters for the fund itself.

Ulf started his venture capital exposure at the VC fund HealthCap. After that Ulf joined Fouriertransform, a state-financed venture capital fund investing in the automotive and manufacturing industry, as CFO. After that, he worked as Financial Consultant with roles as interim CFO and Project Manager in various industries. In 2022, he joined East Hill Equity as CFO.

Ulf has a degree in Business Administration from Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden.



+46 (0)73 323 3603