AKOA join forces with Roboyo

AKOA and Roboyo join forces to create world’s largest intelligent automation professional services company.

The combined company will strengthen its global presence with over 230 employees at locations in 16 cities, across 9 countries, and 3 continents.

Roboyo’s European CEO, Nic Hess states, “As automation adoption accelerates within the enterprise environment, clients want a partner with enterprise scale expertise and a global footprint. We now cement our position as that partner. This is an exciting prospect for everyone at Roboyo because it enables us to help more clients to elevate their employee and customer experience in a way that drives next-level performance, productivity, and growth”.

Roboyo was founded in Germany in 2016 by former Deloitte and Capgemini consultants. Today, it is regarded by Gartner as the world’s leading Intelligent Automation company. Working with many of the Fortune 500 and 19 of the DAX 30 companies, Roboyo enables organizations to harness a full spectrum of accelerated technologies, from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

David Påhlman, CEO of AKOA adds, “We are delighted to join forces with Roboyo. Both businesses share an unwavering commitment to quality, service, and delivering valuable business impact. This is about serving our clients. Together, with Roboyo we are able to take what’s possible for our clients, our business, and our people to the next level.”

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Scania Growth Capital invests in Scantinel Photonics

Scania Growth Capital announces investment in Scantinel to finance further growth in its specialist LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology.

Scantinel Photonics GmbH is a leading LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) start-up and a part of the ZEISS Ventures portfolio, based in Germany. The company develops and produces FMCW LiDAR (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) sensors for next-generation LiDAR systems that are a prerequisite to reach a higher level of automation. The technology Scantinel offers delivers a new dimension of data to future vehicles as the sensors measure distances and velocity to objects in the plus-300-meter range with a high level of integration and solid-state scanning.

“The future performance and safety of autonomous vehicles is based on unique FMCW LiDAR sensor technology. We see Scantinel as the technology leader in its field and are excited to follow the development at a close range,” says Christian Zeuchner, partner at East Hill Equity.

The funding enables Scantinel to further improve FMCW LiDAR technology, and to commercially implement this technology in close cooperation with customers and technology partners.

“We see a great benefit from having Scania’s corporate venture capital fund as investor and are pleased to welcome Scania Growth Capital on board to support us on our continuous growth journey,” says Scantinel CTO & Co-founder Andy Zott.

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Scania Growth Capital invests in autonomous company (Swedish)

LiDAR start up Scantinel Photonics secures series a financing


sennder raises $160m, surpassing $1 billion valuation

sennder announced today that it has raised $160m at a $1 billion+ valuation, becoming the first unicorn in the Scania Growth Capital portfolio and the first Logistics Tech unicorn in Europe.

Big congratulations to the whole sennder team and the incredible founders David Nothacker, Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Koehler for starting 2021 in supersonic speed.

We are extremely proud and honoured to be part of the sennder journey since our first investment in 2017 when sennder had 14 employees at their small Berlin office. And what a journey, sennder has emerged as Europe’s leading digital road freight forwarder with over 800 employees out of 7 international offices.


sennder becomes Europe’s latest unicorn

sennder bags $160m at a $1 billion+ valuation

sennder raises $160m

sennder acquires Uber’s European freight business

sennder, the Berlin-based logistics startup financed by Scania Growth Capital since 2017, announced today that it has acquired Uber’s European freight business. The two companies have joined forces to further revolutionize the digital freight industry across Europe, the US and Canada.


Uber Agrees to Sell its European Freight Unit to sennder

Digital freight forwarder sennder acquires Uber’s European fright business in an all-stock deal

New Partnership to ”Revolutionize the Digital Freight Industry across Europe, The US and Canada


sennder joins forces with Everoad

sennder, the Berlin-based logistics startup financed by Scania Growth Capital since 2017, joins forces with Everoad to anchor its position as leading European digital road freight forwarder.


German freight tech start-up sennder merges with France’s Everoad

sennder joins forces with Everoad to anchor its position as leading European digital road freight forwarder

Scania Growth Capital invests in Business Process Automation SaaS provider and consultancy firm

Scania’s venture capital fund announces an investment in AKOA, a fast-growing company in business process automation. The investment will enable AKOA to further accelerate its growth in new markets, as well as to strengthen its organisation and offering. This marks the fifth investment by Scania Growth Capital.

As modern organisations become increasingly reliant on systems and software to support and enable their business in a more digital world, the need for automation and digital transformation solutions is increasing. A growing number of tasks and processes have moved from physical to digital, from paper to electronic and from traditional ink signatures to today’s e-signatures.

AKOA, which stands for Another Kind of Automation, focuses on business process automation through technologies such as robotic process automation, virtual assistants, chatbots and artificial intelligence. Using technologies such as these, organisations can automate digital business processes without affecting underlying IT environments or drastically re-engineering the logic in the processes. This allows their employees to move towards more value-adding activities that help to evolve their businesses.

“We combine expertise in technology, extensive experience in change management and consulting, with a passion for developing the workspace of the future. In a market where up to 60 percent of all automation implementations fail to deliver the desired outcomes, we are thrilled and honoured to receive this investment from Scania, one of Europe’s most respected brands, and a client of ours. This investment and partnering with Scania to leverage their unique knowledge and vast network, will enable us to accelerate our growth and strengthen our offering”, says Sebastian Toro, founder, AKOA.

AKOA has grown organically, while maintaining its position as a global leader. To date, AKOA has helped 6 Fortune Global 500 companies and more than 80 clients globally transform their businesses.

“AKOA has established themselves as a global leader within the rapidly growing area of intelligent automation. In addition, they have created and been able to nurture a very positive corporate culture,” says Daniel Riazzoli, a partner at the management company of Scania Growth Capital.

Scania provides expertise and industry knowledge to the companies that Scania Growth Capital invests in. Anne-Marie Öhlén, director, Finance Processes and Innovation, Scania, will join AKOA’s board of directors.

“We have traditionally been very focused on automating and streamlining our production processes at Scania. We are now also taking automation and digitalisation to the next level for other functions, like finance, accounting and HR. Through Scania Growth Capital, we have an opportunity to tap into early development and innovation that is industry-relevant, while outside our own core business, and to feed our perspective as a large industrial player back to AKOA,” says Anne-Marie Öhlén.

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Article in Dagens Industri regarding SGC’s investment in AKOA (Swedish)

sennder raises $ 100M in 2019

sennder, the Berlin-based logistics startup financed by Scania Growth Capital since 2017, has raised $70 million in its Series C round led by Lakestar and $30 million earlier in 2019, with existing investors like venture capital firms Accel, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Project A and Scania Growth Capital being a part of this raise.


Sennder raises $70M to take on the freight-forwarding industry

Scania Growth Capital invests in leading carbon fiber solutions provider

Scania Growth Capital has invested SEK 35 million in Corebon AB, a Swedish materials tech start-up that has developed a revolutionary method for producing carbon fibre components.

Based in Southern Sweden, the start-up has developed a ground-breaking method for producing components of carbon fibre reinforced plastics which is applicable on a wide range of products in industries such as automotive, telecommunication, aerospace and robotics.

The patented process is based on induction heating and enables Corebon to produce carbon fibre components at significantly higher speed than through existing established methods. The quality of the produced carbon fibre component is also improved, and the energy consumption in production is considerably reduced.

Corebon is already a supplier to a leading player within the telecom sector and is in different stages of implementation projects with several other key companies within different industries.

“We are in an acceleration phase and we are growing both our production capacity and our organisation. To have Scania Growth Capital come in as the lead investor in our SEK 45 million capital raise rounds, and to be able to leverage Scania’s ecosystem and knowledge will certainly help us accelerate our growth,” says Tobias Björnhov, Founder and CEO of Corebon AB.

“Corebon has developed a truly disruptive method for carbon fibre production. The technology has the potential to fundamentally change the reach of carbon fibre in industrial applications, which traditionally has been limited due to long lead-times and high cost,” says Christian Zeuchner, Partner at the management company of Scania Growth Capital.

This marks the fourth investment by Scania Growth Capital. For each investment, the approach has been to contribute with industry knowledge, in addition to the invested capital. In this case, Per-Arne Eriksson who is head of Customized Truck Development at Scania, will join the board of directors of Corebon. Christian Zeuchner says: “The strategy of Scania Growth Capital is to invest in companies attractive growth companies that have strategic relevance to the Scania eco-system and Corebon hits all the right notes. In the rapidly changing automotive industry, we see many possibilities to expand the use of carbon fibre to more applications as an enabler of product development, including in electrification of vehicles.”

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Article in Dagens Industri regarding SGC’s investment in Corebon (Swedish)

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Scania Growth Capital invests in Swedish automation company

Scania Growth Capital invests in Swed-Weld, a leading producer of add-on equipment for the optimisation of automated manufacturing lines.

Swed-Weld is based in Sweden and its primary product is feeding machines for welding nuts, which are an important part of the robot cells that are used in modern manufacturing. When connected, Swed-Weld’s feeding machines provide data that when analysed enable troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and software upgrades. This in turn reduces the number of production stops, so increasing production efficiency.

“We are very enthusiastic to have an industrial owner like Scania. With the knowledge and network of Scania, we will be able to accelerate our growth, with the aim of providing the highest quality and the most customer-focused offering in the sector,” says Henrik Larsson, Founder and CEO of Swed-Weld.

Swed-Weld also produces welding machines and other types of feeding machines. By utilising a modular system, the company can quickly adapt its standard feeding machines to fit customers’ specific needs. Swed-Weld also offers installation, training, service and spare parts.

“Swed-Weld has been able to secure contracts with some of the most demanding buyers of automation equipment. By leveraging a modular production platform, the company can help customers to improve production efficiency”, says Daniel Riazzoli, Partner at East Hill Equity, the management company of Scania Growth Capital.

In addition to capital investment, Scania Growth Capital also provides a platform where Scania can contribute its industry knowledge to its portfolio companies. In the case of this latest investment, Lars Henrik Jörnving, head of Global Industrial Development at Scania, will join Swed-Weld’s board of directors.

“Scania Growth Capital invests in growth companies with strategic relevance to Scania and our ecosystem of customers and partners. As a large manufacturing company with a global production system we see this intelligent use of a modular production, in combination with customer focused design as a strong concept within smart factory development and a good fit for our industry,” says Jörnving.

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Article in Ny Teknik regarding SGC’s investment in Swed-Weld (Swedish)




Scania Growth Capital invests in digital freight forwarder

Scania Growth Capital, Scania’s corporate venture capital fund, announces its second investment, in sennder, a Berlin-based digital freight-forwarding company. sennder is a growth company that provides software that digitalises freight-forwarding processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Scania Growth Capital invests a seven-digit euro amount in sennder.

With sennder’s digital solution, the currently manual and paper-dependent road freight business gets a new level of automation, transparency and efficiency. The solution is based on a proprietary software platform that provides immediate visibility of pricing, live tracking, customised reporting and automated alerts through API integration with the transport provider and the buyer’s current systems. It comprises mobile apps for drivers, fleet management tools for carrier managers and logistics management solutions for shippers.

“Digitalisation is one of the key drivers of change in the ecosystem of transport and logistics. Investing in sennder is well aligned with our strategic direction and our efforts to support our customers in digitalising their business and operations,” says Daniel Wedberg, Head of Corporate Management and Venture Business at Scania.

“sennder has been able to secure and develop long-term contracts with some of the most demanding buyers of logistics services in Europe. By leveraging technology, sennder increases the level of customer service significantly while cutting cost for all involved parties,” says Christian Zeuchner, Partner at the management company of Scania Growth Capital.

“With its knowledge, network and focus on digitalisation, Scania is a great fit for us. With their support we will be able to accelerate our growth journey, expanding further across Europe in our ambition to offer the most customer-focused and efficient service in the sector,” says David Nothacker, Co-Founder and Managing Director of sennder.

From its head office in Berlin, Germany, sennder has built a list of customers that includes some of the largest e-commerce players in the world. Through a virtual fleet comprising vehicles ranging from small vans to 40-tonne trucks all across Europe, sennder can provide both parcel and full truckload services.

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